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“Laugh and learn business therapy”

“Love the energy!”

“Thought provoking and compelling”

“His mix of front line experience, great stories and good humour kept us glued to his anecdotes”

“You never forget a Macpherson presentation”

Leadership today has nothing to do with hierarchy: it has everything to do with influence.
It is about helping people to want to change.

Give your people the power to change.

Campbell Macpherson is a global change expert and a motivational speaker on leadership and change.

Book Campbell for your next business event and give your people the power to change. Campbell Macpherson is a change leadership and change management speaker who will inspire and enthuse your audience. If you are looking for leadership speakers for business functions, Campbell will engage your audience with topics including change leadership, emotionally intelligent leadership, leading in challenging times, leading with influence, creating extraordinary leadership teams and culture change. Campbell is one of the most inspirational speakers in the UK and around the world. The testimonials from audience members of his motivational talks speak for themselves.

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