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Change is inevitable.
Successful change isn’t.

Change is inevitable.
Successful change isn’t.

Every one of your leaders, throughout your organisation, needs to hone their ability to lead change. It is the most important leadership skill of them all. If they are not leading change, they are not leading anything: they are merely managing the status quo – as it unravels around them.

Every one of your employees needs to hone their ability to embrace change. It is the most important life skill of them all. And if your people aren’t ready, willing and able to embrace change – nothing will happen.

88% of change initiatives, business strategies, mergers and acquisitions fail. Campbell gives your people the ability to be the 1 in 8 that succeed. He gives them The Power to Change.

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Leading with Influence

Leading with Influence

Speeches and workshops taken from Campbell’s acclaimed ‘Leading with Influence’ programme that he runs for multinational corporations worldwide – to help them develop the next generation of future leaders.

Extraordinary leaders are emotionally intelligent leaders; leaders who deliver extraordinary results through their ability to influence and motivate people – whether they report to them or not. It is about EQ, delivery, listening, communication that works, leading change, clear strategies, agile implementation and influencing without authority.

Leadership today has nothing to do with hierarchy. It has everything to do with influence.

Extraordinary Leadership

Extraordinary Leadership Teams

Where do your teams sit on The Spectrum of Leadership Teams?

You can create extraordinary leadership teams at every level of your organisation. Teams based on mutual respect, trust and with the psychological safety they need to deliver extraordinary results – together.

Extraordinary leaders do three things:

  1. They deliver – sustainable business outcomes
  2. They energise, motivate and empower people to be the best they can be
  3. They create extraordinary leadership teams

Your leaders and leadership teams have the potential to be extraordinary. Campbell will leverage his experience with leadership teams worldwide to show them how.

Spectrum of Leadership Teams

Combatting ageism

Enable your most experienced people to thrive

Are you taking your most lucrative customers and your most valuable people for granted? Most companies are. Ageism is the biggest ‘ism’ of them all – and it is rife in the workplace. No diversity program is complete if it doesn’t combat ageism.

Are your most experienced people fulfilled? Are you developing them? Are you furthering their careers? Are you helping them to make the transition to the next phase ? Or are the good ones leaving, taking their experience with them?

Are you accidentally ignoring your 50+ customers – the ones with 75% of the wealth and responsible for 54% of discretionary spending? Or worse, are you patronising them? Most companies do.

Imagine if you were regarded as the firm for helping people to thrive in the second half of their lives …

There is another way. Let’s inspire your most lucrative customers and your most valuable employees to thrive!

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What subjects are your leaders, your people and your customers eager to explore?

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  • The Power to Change

  • Building a change-ready culture

  • Acceptance and the Holy Grail of Contentment

  • The secrets to embracing change

  • Magic, Sacred Cows and Elephants

  • Leading in times of uncertainty

  • Combatting ageism – the biggest ‘ism’ of them all

  • You: Part Two – thriving in the second half of your life

  • Extraordinary Leadership

  • Extraordinary Leadership Teams

  • Leading with Influence

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

  • What are we seeking to achieve – and why?

  • What does a good strategy look like?

  • Why, What & So What: Is your strategic core firm?

  • An organisation gets the culture its leaders create

  • Talking ‘Bout My Generation: Marketing to the lucrative Over 50s

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