Highlights of a few of Campbell’s speeches and interviews.

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Inspirational Keynote Speaker
Most Popular Keynote Topics
Business Book of the Year
Budapest Book Interview
Central Bank Hungary

Keynote Speeches – in person and online

Shoosmiths Law Firm

Leading Change with Campbell Macpherson
(56 min)

IOD Pall Mall London

The Change Catalyst
Book Launch
(16 min)

Metropolitan Club NYC

‘Leading Change’ keynote
M&A Awards
(6 min edit)


Equipping your people to embrace change
(25 min)

Business Book Awards

Keynote Speech
(4 min edit)

Central Bank Hungary
The Change Champion
(50 min)

TILM Leadership Week
Leading Change webinar
(55 min)

CPA Australia

Annual Leadership Congress


How we
react to change

(8.14 min)

Why change fails

(5.35 min)

The ingredients
of successful change

(5 min)

Delivering change

(3:31 min)

Secrets to Embracing
Personal Change

(4 min)

‘A Change-Ready Culture’

IOD Pall Mall London
(2 min)

‘Emotion trumps logic
every time’

IOD Pall Mall London
(2 min)

Give your people
the power to change

(2:30 min)

What to do when
people resist change

Lords Media Centre
(2 min)

Embracing change
when done to you

Lords Media Centre
(2 min)

The League Managers Association Interview Series

Interviews recorded immediately following the keynote speeches of the LMA Leadership Insight conference in London on 29 October 2019. Each video is the 1-2 min reply to a specific question on leadership, leading change and how leadership is a team game not a solo pursuit.

Key traits of a successful change leader

How change leaders can undermine themselves

Leadership is a team game, not a solo pursuit

The critical role of emotion when it comes to change