Leading in a post-Brexit VUCA world

After three years of political sclerosis and six straight months of continuous and unedifying electioneering, one significant piece of clarity finally emerged from last week’s UK General Election – Britain is definitely leaving the European Union. Technically, in less than seven weeks’ time. The markets have greeted this news with rare, dual-pronged optimism – with [...]

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Future-proof your culture

The need for culture change is not an admission that your culture is broken or that the way your business has been operating has been wrong. It is simply an acknowledgement that success in the future will require different ways of working. Certain elements of today's culture must change if you wish to be successful [...]

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The Power of Purpose

April 2019. A clear and genuine Purpose is critical for your organisation's future success. A company without one will struggle to achieve its potential. It will also struggle to attract and retain talent and clients alike. As I outline in ‘The Change Catalyst’, a good strategy is comprised of four components: Analysis Strategic Direction Go-to-market [...]

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Successful leadership of change is possible

11 Oct 2018. 88% of change initiatives and business strategies fail to deliver what they set out to achieve. A similar proportion of mergers and acquisitions suffer the same fate.  How can you ensure that your next change or strategy is the one in eight that succeeds? Change is inevitable. Unfortunately, successful change isn’t. And the [...]

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Mission Impossible? Leading change in successful organisations.

21 June 2018. “Our biggest barrier to change is our success,” declared a senior executive during one of my ‘Leading Change’ workshops. Successful organisations automatically erect formidable barriers to change – with very few exceptions. When you are the market leader; when revenues are growing year on year; when shareholders are ecstatic and when your [...]

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The FCA will have to force our banks to change their cultures.

  “Corporate cultures won’t change in financial services unless CEOs and Boards are forced to do it” says Campbell Macpherson. [NB: This article was published in Money Marketing on 7 March 2014. It remains just as valid three years on.] Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Chief Executive Martin Wheatley’s speech at the gloriously-named Worshipful Company of [...]

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