Lessons in Leadership from Brexit

15 March 2019. The UK’s Brexit debacle may be excruciating to watch but it is providing us with some invaluable lessons in leadership. So many lessons, in fact, that it is difficult to know where to begin. So I suggest we start with reminding ourselves of what a good leader actually looks like … A [...]

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Leading your business through the Brexit uncertainty

15 Jan 2019. Tonight marked the end of the beginning of the UK’s Brexit adventure. Five doors now stand between us and our future. Only one will open at 11pm GMT on the 29th March. Which door will it be? More importantly, what will it mean for your customers, your business and your people? No [...]

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Lies, Damn Lies & Brexit

July 9, 2018. Our departure from the European Union needs to be done on the basis of facts, rather than the dangerous untruths that we have been peddled for the last two years, argues Campbell Macpherson, CEO of Change & Strategy International and author of the 2018 Business Book of the Year, ‘The Change Catalyst’. [...]

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Responsible Capitalism: an oxymoron or a new dawn?

Why are Facebook and Starbucks becoming ‘Responsible Capitalists’? Because it is good for business. This is a summary of a 5000-word essay “Responsible Capitalism: Why change is necessary and what we can do about it.” Download the full essay here. Capitalism is at a cross-roads.  If we don’t change the way we operate, we may [...]

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Brexit 2019: how on earth did we end up here?!

Change may indeed be inevitable, but change that is brought about without a comprehensive understanding of the implications is rarely a recipe for success. 4 July 2017. The UK electorate spoke last month for the third consecutive year and we now have a parliament that truly reflects the disparate nature of the national mood. This [...]

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Could the Cancer of Complacency undo the Tories for the second time in 12 months?!

    Complacency is a cancer that scuppers a large number of change initiatives and strategies (as discussed at length in the book). Could complacency bring the British Conservative Party undone for the second time in less than a year? 27 May 2017. When Prime Minister Theresa May called for a surprise election a few [...]

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London to leave the UK

  London June 28, 2016. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, today declared that London will be separating from the nation previously known as the United Kingdom. “The only way to take back control of London will be to leave the UK.” “With 60% of Londoners voting to remain in the EU, I have been [...]

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