15 Jan 2019.

Tonight marked the end of the beginning of the UK’s Brexit adventure.
Five doors now stand between us and our future. Only one will open at 11pm GMT on the 29th March.

Which door will it be?

More importantly, what will it mean for your customers, your business and your people?

No matter what the future brings, opportunities exist – for those organisations that are ready, willing and able to look for them.

Leading change has never been a more critical skill. As business leaders, we need to make sure our business and our people are ready for whatever lies behind that door. That will require strategic clarity, scenario planning, preparing your people for change and equipping your leaders with the tools they need to lead successful and sustainable change.

Behind each of those five doors lies one of the following scenarios:

  1. Lazarus Returns: The PM’s Deal is eventually passed
  2. Groundhog Day: A new Withdrawal Agreement is negotiated
  3. A Brave New World: No Deal Brexit
  4. Back to the Future: A People’s Vote
  5. Brexit is off: Article 50 is revoked

(More detail on each scenario can be found in the full paper.)

While the likelihood of each of the above varies significantly, every single one of the five scenarios is plausible – and each comes with its own set of implications, challenges and opportunities for your business.

What are the implications of each scenario to your business?
What can you do to maximise your success?

Plan to succeed: I recommend doing 4 things:

  1. Objectively clarify your strategy. What is the magic you must retain? Your key success factors? Your strengths? Your weaknesses? What capabilities must you develop to succeed?
  2. Test your strategy against detailed analysis of each scenario
  3. Prepare your people for change (click for details of the Power to Change workshops)
  4. Arm your leaders with the tools they need for world-beating change leadership (click for details of the Leading Change workshops)

Better still – call me and we can do it together.

(Click to download the full paper including a discussion of the scenarios.)

Warm regards