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The Change Catalyst’ (secrets to successful and sustainable business change) published worldwide by Wiley.

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Table of Contents:


Part Zero:  Change is inevitable

Part One:  Why 88% of change initiatives fail

Chapter 1:         People don’t like change:

–          Fear of failure

–          Fear of the unknown

–          Fear of blame

–          The lure of Victimhood

–          Long term gains not worth it

–          Lack of assistance

Chapter 2:         Lack of clarity regarding what we are trying to achieve and why

Chapter 3:         The implications are not fully understood

Chapter 4:         Obsession with process over outcomes

Chapter 5:         Inertia

Chapter 6:         The project is set up to fail

Chapter 7:         Poor communications and disingenuous stakeholder engagement

Chapter 8:         We forget that emotions trump logic every time

Chapter 9:         A change-averse culture

Chapter 10:       The leadership doesn’t stay the course

Part Two:  The necessary ingredients for successful change

Chapter 11:       A Change Catalyst

Chapter 12:       Complete clarity regarding what we are trying to achieve and why

Chapter 13:       Detailed understanding of the implications of the change

Chapter 14:       Laser-like focus on the outcomes

Chapter 15:       A change process that includes a ‘pause for reflection’

Chapter 16:       Clear governance and thorough planning

Chapter 17:       Genuine engagement with people at all levels of the organisation

Chapter 18:       Find the emotional triggers

Chapter 19:       Strong, committed, aligned and unwavering leadership team

Chapter 20:       A change-ready culture

Part Three:  Culture change

Chapter 21:       Cultural Intelligence

Chapter 22:       Instigating change in a different culture

Chapter 23:       Understanding your organisation’s culture

Chapter 24:       Teaching people to walk in the rain

Part Four:   Getting down to business

Chapter 25:       Mission, Vision and other buzzwords

Chapter 26:       Values Schmalues

Chapter 27:       What does a good strategy look like?

Chapter 28:       It’s the delivery, stupid! (Execution is Everything)

Chapter 29:       Where are your walls? (Organisation Design)

Chapter 30:       Overcoming complacency (Innovator’s Dilemma)

Chapter 31:       What does a good leader look like?

Chapter 32:       Building extraordinary leadership teams

Chapter 33: Your people

Chapter 34:       Case Studies      – Tim Wallace & iPipeline: Transforming insurance

– Michael Sheargold: Real Estate Change Catalyst

– Michael Gould and Anaplan: UK’s newest Unicorn

– Unlocking the value in HR

– Globalisation

Chapter 35:       The Change Toolbox – useful tools and models

Part Five:  And finally, tell ‘em what you told ‘em

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