Reviews for ‘The Change Catalyst’

The 2018 Business Book of the Year and winner of the Best Leadership Book at the 2018 Business Book Awards.

“The Change Catalyst is a book that frankly absolutely anyone in business should read. The writing is clear, clean, direct and simply beautiful. I found myself stopping and re-reading paragraphs just for the sheer pleasure of it.” Alison Jones, Head Judge 2018 Business Book Awards.

“If you are looking for some pacey pages packed with the insight, tools and know-how needed to ensure your next change is the one in eight that succeeds, you’ll do well to pick up this book.” Institute of Leadership & Management Chairman, Andrew Sharman

One of the most informative and influential books you will have the opportunity to read this year. So what is it about this book that I believe will capture your imagination and convince you to believe my claims of its potential decadal impact? If you are an adviser, a consultant, an interim, an executive, a board member or an in-house change leader the answer is simple, this book delivers a road map for change. A treasure trove of knowledge that has been honed on the sharpening stone of success. The book will ensure a level of success for your organisational change that is many levels higher that it would have been without it.” The HR Director

In ‘The Change Catalyst’, Campbell Macpherson discusses how to create sustainable change and arms leaders with the tools they need to deliver this. Through many years of experience, Macpherson not only explains why change fails but analyses solutions for change, how to implement the perfect strategy, and how to lead a team to get the desired results.The Change Catalyst’ is well-written and a pleasure to read. It is full of insight and anecdotes to help organisations transform for the better.” Association of MBAs Book Club

From the key recommendation of appointing a Change Catalyst to the primacy of engaging people’s emotions to make change happen, there is much wisdom here. This is a key read for anyone involved in the management of change. Scottish Business Insider

The Change Catalyst’ is essential reading for CEOs and leaders of change. A how-to guide for accomplishing one of the most critical assignments in business – the successful instigation of sustainable change. Campbell not only explains what we should be doing – but more importantly, why and how.”  Martin Davis, CEO Kames Capital

’The Change Catalyst’ is the most accessible, entertaining and insightful book on change I have read in many a year. Campbell possesses the rare ability to simplify complex subjects, and with his own inimitable style and humour, he gives the reader the confidence and insight they will need to achieve what most fail to deliver – successful and sustainable change.”  David Pitman, Global Finance Partner, Boston Consulting Group

It’s a rare business book where you feel like the author is sitting with you having a conversation and guiding you. Campbell gives us the ability to identify the distractions that kill most change initiatives and bring to the surface those things that truly matter. He will restore your faith that positive and lasting change is possible.”  Sean Russo, MD Noah’s Rule; Ex Rothschilds Board Member & MD Rothschilds Treasury

“From the start to the end I was captivated by Campbell’s easy-to-read, natural writing style. The book contains innumerable moments of insight and his nuggets of reality are spot on. He reminds us what we need to stay focussed on to really make change happen.”  Carlos Sabugueiro, CEO ME & Africa, Copart; Ex CEO Zurich Hong Kong & Middle East

“If you want your next change or strategy to be the 1 in 8 that succeeds; buy this book.”  Alastair Conway, CEO James Hay Partnership

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